"myLDN app is the first global research study of its kind"

Proud to be partners

Bodymap Apps are proud to be in partnership with the LDN Research Trust, and working in conjunction with several Stanford University statisticians, in the creation and development of the app, myLDN.

Mission Possible!

As a social enterprise, it is our mission to make a positive impact on people’s lives and their health.

Therefore, in working with the LDN Research Trust to assist them with their research on the life-saving and life-changing medication, LDN, via an app, we believe is an excellent partnership that is in line with our mission.

Innovative App For Research

myLDN is the first global remote research study app of its kind, regarding the collection, collation and analytical reports in tracking over 200 auto immune conditions.

Thousands of users around the world are using the medication (LDN) as a treatment for life-threatening diseases, such as cancer and MS and myLDN is tracking their progress, from Quality of Life scores, to diet and exercise as well as medication reminders.

Data That Can Be Life-Changing

This data will provide evidence to show how LDN is making positive improvements for a variety of different health conditions, with the hope that LDN will be approved for use specifically for these conditions in the future.

"myLDN is a multi-faceted app developed for patients, doctors and researchers"

myLDN Doctor's Portal

As an expansion of the myLDN, a doctor’s portal has been developed in order for doctors to not only recommend the app to their patients, but also be able to access their patient’s data from the app directly.

For more information about myLDN, visit the LDN Research Trust website here.