We believe that the future is now in regards to new scientific breakthroughs. image of medical research appsNow more than ever, researchers are finding out more about conditions, treatments and medications. Our medical research apps can help researchers extensively in a variety of areas.

Bodymap Apps are proud to state that we have launched the largest, remote and global research study for 174 different conditions using one medication; myLDN.  The findings from this enormous study will ultimately provide the statistical data required to pass this medication for different conditions.

Our medical research apps provide the following:


  • Ability to extend research study to global proportions
  • Allows for rare conditions to be studied with more data and involvement from patients everywhere
  • Reduces researchers time in collating statistics (our apps collate everything making it almost effortless for researchers)
  • Opens up research by smaller labs and pharmaceutical companies
  • Reduction in overall cost of research studies

Better Together

At Bodymap Apps we are passionate about the opportunities that digital health is bringing to improve people’s health… And lives.

We fully believe that in the next few years there will be an explosion in smaller research labs, universities, doctors and health related charities having a new, innovative, cost effective way of getting research studies carried out like never before.

This means that we are on the brink of finding new discoveries about diseases and conditions, treatments… And even cures.

Bodymap Apps is interested in ALL aspects of carrying out research studies through digital health, however, we also have a few particular research studies we are particularly keen on being involved in.

Our current areas of interest are in the studies of :

Vitamin B12, Vitamin D3, colloidal silver, a D2 and magnesium protocol and medical cannabis.

We are interested in how these products can reduce fatigue, muscle and joint pain, increase stamina, reduce infections and many other exciting aspects that we already are aware of them making improvements in the quality of people’s lives.

Therefore, we want to progress with a team of experts and test subjects, globally to carry out further exploration in these treatments.

If you or your organisation or charity are interested in partnering together to create  medical research apps for these areas, please contact us and we can discuss how we can be of service.