Everybody’s Different

At Bodymap Apps our health and pain management apps can be designed so that patients are able to personalise their app to fit their needs and requirements. We understand that complex and complicated conditions with many co-existing illnesses and symptoms aren’t easy to deal with – let alone understand as best as possible.jigsaw image of people for a health and pain management app Once you add in factors such as medications and supplements, sleep, mood, pain and more means that comprehending how one’s body works can be a huge jigsaw puzzle.

It is our endeavour to provide users with the tools (via an app) to do everything from ensuring that patients aren’t over or under medicating to being able to analyse patterns through our easy to read collated reports.

Our apps ultimately provide the opportunity for patients to have more control over their health, care and wellbeing.

Patients Have More Control

We believe that it is important for patients to be more involved in their healthcare. In using our apps patients are able to access an easy to understand way of getting to know much more about every aspect of their condition – ultimately, patients are finding that they have more control of their wellbeing in comprehending their patterns. Everything from medication and supplements (with alarms) to sleep, mood, fatigue, pain, other symptoms, journals and much more can be created for almost any condition. Our easy to read reports that are collated allows both patient and their healthcare providers a much deeper insight as to what is helping and what isn’t.

Medical Professionals Gain Insight

body with pain triggers for a health and pain management appPatients are finding our apps extremely helpful for not only themselves, but for their doctors. Doctors and other health care professionals are finding our apps not only helpful as well as providing the very important and needed insight to their patient’s daily experiences.

Reports that are sent from patients to their medical professionals prior to their appointment allows for the doctor to evaluate exactly what is occurring for their patients and pinpoint areas of concern as well as what treatments, medications or other aspects are making a difference.

FibroMapp app helped me to get the help I needed from my doctor. In showing my GP my reports, she started taking me a lot more seriously – in fact now, she comes to the house or does phone appointments! I was also under and overmedicating and lost track as to what was working anymore. FibroMapp helped me determine things like food intolerances, my flare up/pain/sleep patterns, too. An excellent app! A. Lewis, Canada

We have had many of our health and pain management app users inform us as to how their doctors are taking them more seriously, that further investigations and tests were carried out – and new diagnoses found – all based upon the data their apps have provided.