FibroMapp was born out of the need for an app that was for several complicated and complex illnesses – fibromyalgia, CFS/ME. With over 200 co-existing symptoms and other conditions, brain fog, sleep problems, stomach problems, pain and much more were taken into account when building this app. Most importantly, we believe that everybody is different – and that it is always important to allow the patient to personalise an app to fit their requirements and not the other way around.

This app was designed for two purposes:

  • To provide patients with the tools to track their daily experiences and get a better understanding of how their body works through their reports and be more empowered in taking better control of their health
  • To provide healthcare providers with an easy to read report, so that they have a much clearer understanding of their patients and can pinpoint concerns easily

FibroMapp was one of the selected few apps for Fibromyalgia that won a Healthline Award for best app.

‘FibroMapp App is fantastic! In reading the reports the app generated my specialist was able to diagnose a completely different condition and get me on the correct treatment and meds. Thank you BodyMap Apps for creating such a comprehensive app that can be personalised. Ps – my specialist asks all his patients to use this app (if possible) as he thinks it is brilliant!’  K. MacPherson