“FibroMapp™ takes the best of sleep tracking and pain tracker apps and puts them together in one app”

FibroMapp™ Pain Manager+ is 3 times HealthLine award-winning app which is helping thousands of people across the world self-manage their pain, sleep, mood, medications, and much more, more effectively.  Our app is available on Google Play Store, iTunes and Amazon Kindle.

Comprehensive Reports

The reports FibroMapp™ Pain Manager+ generates are helping the user gain a better understanding of their health and taking a more proactive role in self-management.  These reports are also enabling their health care professionals to assist in their clinical decision-making process.

Developed for Complex Pain Conditions

Originally developed for the highly complex conditions of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), our app is being used for many pain conditions – from arthritis to MS.

We Love to Help People Help Themselves

More and more people with health conditions are wanting to take more control over their health – and FibroMapp™ Pain Manager+ helps people do just that!

FibroMapp™ Pain Manager+ is also positioned in line with the NHS 2020 Vision for self-management.

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More Than Just An App

On top of FibroMapp™ Pain Manager+ as an app, we are also committed to helping people by providing information about research into fibromyalgia, CFS and other chronic pain conditions, as well as a ‘spot’ to go to. 

Therefore, we write blogs and have a Facebook page, Fibromyalgia, CFS & Chronic Pain Life, with over 12,000 followers.

All-New FibroMapp™ Coming Soon!

Watch out for the release of our completely updated and highly innovative version of FibroMapp™ Pain Manager+ in the spring/summer of 2018!

Our updated app will combine easy tracking of pain and other symptoms as well as a variety of great self-management tools and much more, all in one spot.

For more information about FibroMapp™ Pain Manager+ please visit our website here.