Technology + Health + Apps = mHealth Solutions

With modern technology and the use of health apps, we are entering an exciting new time for patients, e-health-1clinical research and the medical profession.

We have seen first-hand how health apps for pain relief, management of symptoms, sleep, journals and more are helping patients, gain a much deeper insight regarding their quality of life and what day to day experiences they are having.

It is an exciting time in regards to the use of smart accessories, such as wearable technology wristbands – now, more than ever, people are able to provide data via these devices, helping patients, their healthcare professionals and researchers with invaluable, collated data through easy to analyse reports.

With the data our apps provide, never before have people’s health, care management and research been so advanced, ultimately, making a difference in people’s lives from self-care and management to new treatments and medications and breakthrough research studies.

Bodymap Apps Vision

Working together with organisations, charities, researchers, government and private sector we believe in empowering patients by understanding their health better through the use of apps. More and more medical professionals will be working together with their patients to promote self-management of their conditions. In using apps for research studies, people from all over the world can participate by providing new treatments, medications and data to get more pieces of the puzzle for lesser known illnesses.


We envision people uploading the data from their apps and healthcare providers will use this data to discuss issues via video. Links for self-care, support groups and information about conditions will be provided, so patients have proper information and support. On top of medical professionals gaining a much clearer picture of what their patients are experiencing, this will also reduce the spread of contagious illnesses by keeping patients away from doctor’s surgeries.

Health Tracker Apps

Our health tracker apps are designed so that the user can personalise them. We believe this is critical in order for the user to get the best out of their app and ensure that all aspects of their health and wellbeing, as well as quality of life are taken into account. Please view our portfolio for an example of some of the apps we have created and developed.

Medical Research Apps

At Bodymap Apps we believe that we are setting the pace in regards to the utilisation of medical research apps. This is a very exciting time in regards to using apps for research purposes. Ultimately this allows researchers to gain much more statistical data by having their test subjects use an app. It also allows many more people to take part in research – globally. With all data already collated for the researchers and many other positive features, it means than now, more than ever, research can be carried out with much less funding and a lot larger demographic to study. This also means that new medications and treatments that might never get the opportunity to be researched can move forwards.


We are very proud to state that we have created the largest remote research study – globally – tracking 174 different conditions using one medication myLDN. Achieving research data and statistical evidence from the use of research apps will enable new medications and treatments to be approved for use.

Find out how we can assist you by using eHealth solutions, with apps combined with (or without) the power of wearable technology by contacting