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Mikeysline is a charity offering support for young people feeling alone and abandoned by the system, unable to reach out for help and reassurance, unable to express their feelings. Inspired by the work we carried out for Healthwatch Wokingham, Mikeysline asked us to create an app to help them help the young people within their area.

i download it to help me communicate my mental health to my frends and support team and college emergency servisce. good app

Fantastic tool to use This is great to use on a daily basis, remind me of how I’m feeling and how I have felt. The contacts available and hints and tips. So glad I came across it!

Are you feeling alone, abandoned by the system, unable to reach out for help and reassurance, or unable to express your feelings? Do you suffer from depression, bullying, or alcohol and drug abuse? Mikeysline can provide a contact point for the lonely, an ear for the desperate and some direction for those without hope. Visit for help.


Healthwatch Wokingham, an independent consumer champion created to gather and represent the views of its residents, engaged us to create an app for young people struggling with their mental health. Healthwatch plays a role at both national & local level to make sure that the views of people who use services are taken into account.

We worked alongside Healthwatch Wokingham and a panel of young people to design an app most relevant to the end user.

“This is a really good idea, I like the fact you can add notes and e mail them to your GP or counsellor – saves so much time trying to explain how you have been and whats going on for you. I like looking at how my mood has changed over time. It’s simple and easy to use” Charlotte Temmink

“The fact this app has been designed with the input of young people makes it relevant and user friendly” Conor Eldred Earl

ProHealth Tracker

Our ProHealth Tracker app is a 3 phase release, implementing tracker abilities for patients as well as marketing ProHealth products and their newsletter via this app. Additional areas that are part of this development project will include the feature to take pictures (of health related issues), track diet, exercise, what helps – and what doesn’t. Data will be secured for ProHealth allowing them to market to a very targeted market in regards to selling supplements.

‘Bodymap Apps have created an app that is helping our customers gain a much better insight into their illnesses. We are also excited about using the app for research studies into supplements, treatments and different approaches to support helping people get better. ‘  Gabe Macon, Vice President, ProHealth, California


The LDN Research Trust approached us with a requirement for an app for a research study for the medication Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN).

We built a solution covering four different mobile platforms, a website and a research portal.  We also built the first global remote research study, covering 174 different conditions.  People from all over the world are able to now help get this medication approved for these conditions – and they are excited to be part of something that is going to make the difference for others in getting this medication approved.

myLDN will supply the statistical evidence required in regards to getting this medication approved for so many conditions.  Prior to our app, LDN Research Trust was reliant on research labs carrying out studies – and even a study would only be for one condition – certainly not 174!

At Bodymap Apps it is our philosophy to bring technology and research together – ultimately allowing for new medications and treatments being researched, from smaller labs and pharmaceutical companies.

Now more than ever before, we anticipate the use of research apps will setting the pace for new and exciting ways to help people gain back their quality of life by the use of medication and treatments.

 ‘LDN Research Trust are extremely pleased with our app myLDN. This app has allowed us to do the research and get the statistical evidence we need, as well as having patients from all over the world involved. Great job Bodymap Apps!’  Linda Elsegood, Chairman of the LDN Research Trust



FibroMapp was born out of the need for an app that was for several complicated and complex illnesses – fibromyalgia, CFS/ME. With over 200 co-existing symptoms and other conditions, brain fog, sleep problems, stomach problems, pain and much more were taken into account when building this app. Most importantly, we believe that everybody is different – and that it is always important to allow the patient to personalise an app to fit their requirements and not the other way around.

This app was designed for two purposes:

  • To provide patients with the tools to track their daily experiences and get a better understanding of how their body works through their reports and be more empowered in taking better control of their health
  • To provide healthcare providers with an easy to read report, so that they have a much clearer understanding of their patients and can pinpoint concerns easily

FibroMapp was one of the selected few apps for Fibromyalgia that won a Healthline Award for best app.

‘FibroMapp App is fantastic! In reading the reports the app generated my specialist was able to diagnose a completely different condition and get me on the correct treatment and meds. Thank you BodyMap Apps for creating such a comprehensive app that can be personalised. Ps – my specialist asks all his patients to use this app (if possible) as he thinks it is brilliant!’  K. MacPherson