How We Started

Initially, we decided to create an app to help people track their Fibromyalgia and CFS/ME called FibroMapp. This is because we have first-hand experience of this condition on top of chronic pain.

We know that these conditions are extremely hard to track due to the 200+ co-existing conditions.  We wanted to make a difference for people – and their medical practitioners. FibroMapp helps people understand their conditions better and ultimately gain more control of their lives, and gives their medical practitioners a greater insight.

We’re a Social Enterprise

In 2012 Bodymap Apps  gained funding from FirstPort in Scotland (where we are based) in order to create a Social Enterprise.  This means that all profit is returned to the company in order to invest further into people, technology and research both nationally and internationally.

Research Apps

With the success of FibroMapp, we realised that apps could be used to make research studies easier, remotely and faster. We also realised that it would cost researchers much less in both time and funding requirements.
aboutus-2At Bodymap Apps we want to make a difference.  We see how health related apps can be used for research, making this an extremely exciting time! Our apps are created specifically to research anything from new medications and treatments, to doing interesting studies, such as how lack of sleep can increase pain, as an example.

We fully believe…

…that there are answers – and indeed relief, if not ‘cures’ for many conditions; but lack of funding for smaller research facilities and also charities has meant that they have not been able to move forwards in order to get a medication/treatment accepted by the authorities.

From this, our research app myLDN was created. We are proud to say that myLDN is the largest remote research study on the globe, tracking 174 different conditions for the medication Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) in conjunction with the LDN Research Trust.

Growing in Strength and Numbers

aboutus-3We have grown from strength to strength and in 2015 we are now a team of over 70 people who can do everything from app creation to animation for demonstration videos. We are a group of dedicated people who work closely together to ensure that every aspect of your app that is being built is in place for you. We are small enough to provide you with an excellent quality of service and communications throughout, as well as large enough to be able to work on apps that are of a significant size.

In 2014, 2015 & 2016 FibroMapp was awarded as one of the best apps for tracking Fibromyalgia by HealthLine.

hl-logo HealthLine Best Fibromyalgia App 2014 & 20152016 Winner best fibromyalgia apps

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